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Hotel Zlatnik 4*

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The location of the hotel is in a quiet district of Zemun.

The Hotel Zlatnik Belgrade is a 5 star rated hotel in Belgrade. The location of the hotel is in a quiet district of Zemun, though guests will find easy access to all that the city offers, as well. The local transportation options available to the guest of the Hotel Zlatnik Belgrade include bus and sea travel.

The guest rooms at the Hotel Zlatnik Belgrade can be upgraded to a bigger, more furnished room with additional amenities. There are 37 rooms and 4 suites available to the guest, decorated in modern design and spaciously furnished. There is cable TV and clean, plush bedding.

The Hotel Zlatnik Belgrade was first opened as a restaurant in the Vuletic family house in 1984. In 2004, the site was remodeled to feature a quaint, highly rated hotel. The restaurant is still on site and a fine choice of local cuisine and Mediterranean dishes are served. The ambiance of the dining experience is enhanced by music and a choice of some original wines. The lobby of the hotel is decorated with plant life and guests may visit the business center, gift shop, or currency exchange office.

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